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Its my heart♥

_____Thats about to break

28 August
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Hey, my names Lyndsey<3. I'm 14. I'm the biggest EMO ever. I cry over everything. Seriously. I love to be in love. Love is something I cannot live with out. I believe in giving people chances. I like you until you give me a reason not to. Don't judge before you know.. Don't make a decision before you get all the facts. Hating someone though you know nothing about them is immature. Don't fuck with me I can be a bitch. I hate fighting. When I get into fights I always appoligize even if you were in the wrong. I love Being loud so everyone notices me. I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. You have your own oppinion of me? Fine. Doesn't make it a fact. Respect me and we will get along fine. Listen to me when I have to speak. The only thing that can make me mad is when you don't listen to me. The only thing Im afraid of is getting my heart broken. Spiders. Rejection is in there too. I love to listen to people talk. I'm a big listener. I love to help. I'm one of those people you can come to if you have problems.I LOVE to buy things for people.It puts a smile on my face. I love my family and friends.. . they're what get me up in the morning. I'm depressed somewhat. I need a dream.. and real one. I need my education. I need a dad who cares.. I need a mom who cares less.I love to be random.I love to cry.. crying makes me feel alive. I get really really silly when I'm tired. I love the feeling you get when you know you have done something good.I love my chucks. I listen to good fucking music.. Fuck you if you don't think so. I hate the word poser.. how can you be a poser if you like what you are? People change.. deal with it.I love stars. I want to play drums..butthen again.. what don't I want to play? I want to be a therapist. I'm moving to somewhere away from here when I'm 18. I need to start over and get away from this drama and bull shit I have been fed all my life. I love to kiss.. feel. I love to be romantic. I speak my mind. Don't ask if you don't want the truth. I love the rain. I sit on my porch and watch it. . I love my hair. It's the one thing about me I like. . I love to be tan. I love water. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke. I love to play softball. I'm an open book. I'm open to everything but bad attitudes. I hate drugs. For all you people who are hurting your self.. I feel bad for you. Hiding behind them so you don't have to face reality is stupid. Life is too short to make it shorter on them. This is me.I dress different. I act different. I am different. I am me. I am unique.